DJCT Precision Permanent Magnet Cylinder Magnetic Separator

DJCT permanent magnet drum magnetic separator is the latest type of magnetic separator in our company. It uses 240~270 degrees big envelope angle, multi-pole and magnetic pulsation structure combined with multi-channel rinsing water, top flushing device and new type of trough. It can increase the concentrate grade by 2~10 percentage points compared with conventional magnetic separator without reducing the recovery rate, thus solving the problem of magnetic cluster in conventional magnetic separator. It is difficult to improve the concentrate grade caused by packaged magazines.

DSQC series wet strong magnetic plate magnetic sorting machine

The DSQC wet strong magnetic plate magnetic separator is a brand new magnetic separation equipment developed by our company, which summarizes the advantages and disadvantages of traditional magnetic separation equipment, breaks through conventional design concepts, integrates magnetic separation and gravity separation, and has the advantages of high magnetic field strength, significant iron reduction effect, large processing capacity, energy saving, water-saving, and simple use.

CTG series dry magnetic separator

The CTG series dry separation machine is a new type of dry separation product developed by our company's engineering and technical personnel after more than two years of on-site inspection and scientific experiments. It has been signed by experts from the Provincial Department of Science and Technology and has excellent performance. All technical indicators have reached the advanced level in China, filling the gap in China.

CFJ permanent magnet roller magnetic separator

The weak magnetic oxide is removed from the fine particles or coarse powdery materials, which are used for the purification of non-metallic mineral industry materials such as chemical industry, refractory, food, glass, medicine, ceramics, and dry pre concentration of hematite and limonite, manganese ore, and dry beneficiation.

CTB CTS CTN series permanent magnet cylindrical magnetic separator

The CTS, CTN, and CTB series permanent magnet cylindrical magnetic separators have two types of magnetic fields: rotating and fixed. The fixed type is mainly suitable for wet separation of fine particles of strong magnetic substances in weak magnetic fields, or for removing strong magnetic minerals from non magnetic minerals. When the slurry flows into the magnetic field area, the strong magnetic minerals are adsorbed on the surface of the cylinder, and the weak magnetic and non magnetic minerals are sorted and eliminated, The strong magnetic minerals adsorbed on the surface of the cylinder are carried out of the magnetic field region with the rotation of the cylinder.

CTZ series permanent magnet drum

The CTZ series permanent magnet rollers (divided into half magnetic and full magnetic structures) are mostly used for purification treatment of powdery, granular, and small materials, or for the recycling and utilization of iron. They play a reliable protective role in preventing damage and wear of crushers, grinders, and presses.

CXJ series dry powder permanent magnet magnetic separator

The CXJ series dry powder permanent magnet cylindrical magnetic separator (from single cylinder to four cylinders) is a magnetic separation equipment that continuously and automatically removes iron from dry powder materials. It adopts a unique magnetic circuit design and uses high-performance permanent magnet neodymium iron boron material as the magnetic source.

DCFJ series electromagnetic dry powder separator

Remove pollutants such as weak magnetic oxides and filiform rust from fine powder materials. Used for non-metallic minerals such as ceramics, glass, refractory materials, and purified materials in industries such as pharmaceuticals, chemicals, and food.

DGCP series new ultra strong magnetic separator

The DGCP series new ultra strong magnetic separator is composed of high-performance neodymium iron boron magnetic materials, which have the characteristics of extremely high magnetic energy, strong coercive force, and high magnetic flux density.

GCTL type dry strong magnetic separator

All magnetic materials in the magnetic system are made of high-quality Ru iron boron, which has the characteristics of high magnetic energy product, strong coercivity, and high magnetic flux density. The effective sorting surface has high magnetic induction intensity.

HMDC series strong magnetic high-efficiency magnetic separator

The HMDC series strong magnetic high-efficiency magnetic separator is a magnetic medium specially designed by our company for automatic and continuous recovery of heavy medium coal preparation plants, and can also be used for separating ferromagnetic ores. The adoption of advanced magnetic circuit design and new achievements in magnetic materials provides a strong guarantee for the magnetic separation effect.

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